To The Point Foundation [logo]

Who we are?

The To The Point Foundation assists, funds and creates businesses to solve problems (it’s definition of social business). It “does good” while “doing good business”. By applying sound business principles and logic it avoids the charity trap mindset and enables each business owner to run a sustainable and successful business.

How do we do this?

We function like a small business incubator (financially as well as by instilling sound business priniciples, practices and governance). As an incubator it provides the right environment for small businesses (aimed at solving social problems), to take root, flourish and grow. Eventually small businesses leave the incubator and go out on their own. The To The Point Foundation retains a small shareholding in each business, which contributes to its own sustainability.

To The Point Foundation’s filters

  • Will it do good? i.e. solve a social problem?
  • Is it “good business?” I.e. is there a business case, which indicates that the idea can be financially viable?
  • Is there a passionate “jockey” that will own/drive the business?
  • It is a vehicle and outlet for All employees at To The Point Growth Specialists to participate in activities that they feel make them better people. To this end it gets input and ideas from employees, its network and personal filters. All TTP employees may dedicate 10% of their time to their idea (although they may not drive it, as that is the “jockey’s job”) and in so doing are also fulfilling the call to be “active citizens”. The Foundation allocates 10% of its own budget to fund these ideas.

How do we incubate the social businesses?

To The Point Foundation utilises To The Point Growth Specialists’ accounting and managerial consulting services for all the new social businesses.

What else do you do?

The Foundation also does socio-economic and educational development by providing recently matriculated people with bursaries, and we run an internship program to empower recent graduates with relevant work place skills.

Sustainable businesses created thus far

Little Green Number (LGN) is our success story!

LGN was a struggling section 21 job creation project with 6 employees. Now LGN has 25 employees and it has been converted it into a vibrant and sustainable business with a turnover of R1m per year and some 15 decent jobs.

Why do we do what we do?

We have been doing this in any way, and that is our heart: To give back, but in a sustainable way.